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Q: How long does it typically take to get a quote?
A:If all of the information is provided up front, a quote can be generated in 24-48 hours. Parts bonded to steel quotes typically take longer.

Q:What s the standard lead time?
A:4-6weeks for tooling and samples; 3-4weeks for parts.

Q: Does LINGO require minimum order?
A:Yes. The MOQ varies based upon the mold, process and products. Therefore,  each item is reviewed individually.

Q:What material properties should I consider for my project?

A:Among the many physical  properties, you can consider:

• Hardness (durometer)
• Tensile strength
• Tear resistance
• Abrasion resistance
• Protection from degradation caused by sunlight, oxygen and ozone (“rooftop” conditions)
• Ability to retain properties while exposed to heat or cold
• Resistance to compression set or tension  set
• Resilience

Q: Is all work done at your facility?

A:LINGO has the capability to design and build almost any part required for any mold. The majority of our projects are completed fully in-house, however we also has a network of proven quality vendors that can be used should they better meet a customer's needs.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A:LINGO have been in business for almost 20years, having rich experience in international business, product manufacturing and after-sale service.

Q: Can LONGO prodive PPAP?

A:Yes, a production part approval process (PPAP) is available to customers if required. This is not part of the standard reporting procedure due to it’s complex nature. A PPAP (level 1-3) will range in cost, and time required to complete the test, depending on which level test is needed. Please request a PPAP at time of quoting and/or ordering.

Q: Can LINGO make a drawing based on the samples we provide?

A:Yes, we can make a drawing from the sample. The cost depends on the part structure.

Q: Whats the tolerance range LINGO can hold?

A:We strictly control dimensions as per standard of RMA.

Q: How are my parts shipped?

A:Lingo ships parts domestically and internationally as per our customer requirements. Some customers prefer to setup their own pick-up with their own trucks or via a transportation agency. Lingo can also arrange to ship via trucking company, courier service, UPS, or Fed-Ex. Customers can advise their preferred shipping method and can use their own accounts (pre-paid) if preferred. Alternatively, if credit terms are established, we can arrange for shipment and add the shipping cost to the invoice. Lingo uses best judgement to ship, factoring in size of shipment, delivery window, and cost if a preferred method or carrier is not selected.



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